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The Chair To Everywhere


This was an ambitious project where the film is set in a single location but transports the audience to far away places. A father and his daughter built a new transportation device that can transport a person to anywhere she or he wishes, instantly. The only snag is you have to die first!

Polly Tregear and Sean Botha lead a cast of beautiful women travellers on a journey you will never forget. Shot by Mol Smith and Kemal Yildirim with Lesly Evans on sound recording, the film proved a challenging one to edit in post due to complex effects and colouring which were added.

Mol believes nothing is real and that our entire lives are a grand delusion and nothing more than an illusion of the most profound kind.

Dead Positive


Mol likes to shoot films based on near-taboo subjects. He started to wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of an undertaker's. He wanted if a beautiful male or female arrive on the funeral parlour slab, whether or not, an unscrupulous undertaker or an assistant might take advantage of the unspoilt body?

This short 30 minute film, starring Lorie-Lanie Shanks, Ruth Curtis and Kemal Yildirim, explores the compulsion of a beautiful young woman now working in an undertakers and obsessed with sexual gratification. It can be a tough watch for those unable to think of the unspeakable.

Lorie-Lanks gives a stunning unihibited performance given the task of attending to her first male corpse on her own. The body of a man who was her difficult lover.


The Samaritan's Gift
A stunningly beautiful and enigmatic actress from Hungary stars in this, her first film of two shot with us recently. Lucy Pelso stars opposite Sean Botha as a Gypsy who suffers a crippling disease.

Her E-bike breaks dwn whilst out riding around rural South Oxfordshire. She seeks the help of a stranger (played by Sean Botha) who takes her bike and her back to his home.

She explains to him that she is dying but wishes to know the love and the passion of sexual intercourse for one last time. She asks if he would sleep with her. How could he resist those hypnotic eyes and the charms of a beautiful gypsy?


From Out Of The Storm
The beautiful uninhibitive Polly Tregear stars in this near-silent b&w atmospheric film based on a night of a storm where Mol nearly died because of it.

A motorway was closed between London and his home in Oxfordshire on a stormy night with torrrential rain. Forced to find another route, he chose one which stretched over the rolling Berkshire Downs: a beautiful narrow, winding road on a unny dat but a treachous one in the night and the constant heavy rain. The road was rolling with water and he lost the car on a bend just as a coach came speeding out of the night in the opposite direction.

The car hit a patch less slippery and the car straightened just before impact. He decided to write a script where the storm is the character, filed with rage and temper.

The Lorelei


An ambitious project with many actors and both a ghost story and a detective one. Filmed in and around Oxfordshire including a street much used in the Inspector Morse TV series.

The story is based on the German fable about The Lorelei, a beautiful siren who sat on a rock above the cruel waters of a river and hastened men to their watery deaths with her beauty.

A modern take on an old tale. Starring Lorie-Lanie Shanks, Kemal Yildirim, Tessa McGinn, Mel Mills, Sophie Townsend, Nikita Shanks, Dominic O'Flynn, and a guest appearance or two by Mol himself.

Try not to watch the film on many streaming platforms as they tend to cut out anything that deviates from woke viewing. Mol's movies are far from woke and fly in the face of such childish thinking cast upon us mature and considered adults.