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Our first movie! Mol got fed up sending scripts off and none getting picked up to make a film. With no knowledge of film-making, he (with his partner/lady) Lesley, embarked on producing their first one. It cost £20,000 to make. He borrowed the money from the bank and paid it back over several years. He hired Will Moore to direct and shoot it and a sound guy to record it. He was disappointed to learn that neither of them paid any real attention to the sound which was filled with road traffic noises. Mol edited the film, spending many hours trying to suppress noise on the sound tracks. The long sessions led o damage to his right hand, requiring surgery to correct it.

A good scene was cut from the film as it slowed the pace of the story as it neared its climax. That section was turned into a separate short film called 'Mini-Tainted Love'.

Mol shot second camera on this movie and his partner Lesley filled the role of Continuity Editor and Scene Setter.




Having learnt a lot from making Tainted Love, especially with funding, Mol searched for a way to make a low budget movie for £1000 or less. Lesley became the sound engineer to record sound, and Mol did the rest: filming, directing,  editing, lighting etc.,

But all of this was after practicing by making a series of shorts to improves techniques at making low budget movies.

Keep the number of crew and cast to a minimum, a single location (more or less) and tell the story.

Mol says one of his fav. scenes, which the actress portrayed so well is this one...

The Alien beast that the guy has given life to, reveals, after her external protective casing is discarded, that she is a vulnerable innocent woman, with an immature mind. And instead of maybe 'desiring her' the guy protects her and starts to teach her as one might do with a child. This was the notion in Mol's mind.

The poster to the right was used ultimately to replace the original one above it (to interest Sci-Fi fans).


Mol made lots of shorts to test out various techniques. He was still partly immersed in making digital images and models are often less inhibited about nudity. He had worked with one model who he thought was good and asked if she would make a short film with him. She agreed and she was brilliant as an actor too. A MACHINE should not bath. Such things are coming. I kid you not!


One of Mol's fav. short films, he made without any crew in a single weekend. It was near xmas and bitter cold. Mol asked one of the pretty girls who had modelled for him if she would like to make a short film with him. She was excited to do so. Mol said it showed him much about creating atmosphere with Tungsten lighting. There were simple work lights from Wickes.
Mol has writtn a second Haunting movie planned to be shot in January 2024 which follows the voyeuristic style of this one,