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Mol felt ready to make a feature film with more actors and more locations. He decided, as he was self-funding his movies, that no feature film should cost more than £7000. He wrote a script called the Lorelei, a mixed genre story where detective story meets ghosts and hauntings.

The difficulties were various. Unexpected noise in outside locations, dealing with shooting under water, a lot of different scenes causing continuity issues, to name a few. A real sex dungeon which people pay to use was hired for one scene. Mol and his colleague director, friend, and actor, Kemal, had 4 hours to complete filming the scene. Mol appears as a dead naked guy in this scene.




Mol felt ready to take on an ambitious film involving Alien Abduction. It would require creating an illusion of flying saucers and Alien Greys. Quite an asl on such a meagre budget. He want to mix horror and comedy as he started to see it as a good mixed genre for low budget films and his paticular style. It would also require him to do a lot of CGI on a computer, again with very low budget tools and resources. What came out was ABDUCTION. And evberyone involved had such fun making it, a sequel was made.

The sequel took even more effects and work but involves the main characters and actots from AB1 with some additional new talent brought in the push the film further. A third one was planned but never came to fruition, although half-a-script was written for it.

Mol tends to cast females for the leading roles and main characters but he tried in AB2 to give each actor their own life and mini stories within the larger one.

It was a lot of fun to make and the comedy increases ten-fold so the sequel in really a comedy with a dark heart.

A whole bunch of expensive licences to film in a local town and to engage many people as extras proved either too expensive or too complicated on such low funding, so a third one was never made, sadly.



After shooting one of the short films, an actress mentioned a phrase as all were joking around. the phrase was 'Quantum Vagina'. Mol has a deep interest in quantum physics and he phrase caught his imagination. He sat down and wrote a script based on that single expression.

It's a Mol classic where he mixes dark comedy, his philosphy, his love of the femal mind and body, and his off-the-planet ideas and notions.


One of two young women has a device implanted in her vagina as part of a scientific trial. In the scene right, she is starting to discover something might be amiss with the thing inside of her. The effects here were shot in a car, and Mol told be that very long strips of red liquorice were used and filmed in reverse to create the moment.