Q. Why do you no longer stream your films on Amazon Prime?

A. We got 10,000's of views and a few cents per film. When the films were making good money, Amazon stopped them! Also, by streaming them in our own online cinema, we can break rules and not be censored by what the 'protector (huh!) of the masses' deem as appropriate.

Q. Many people think your films are a bit 'B' film rated. How do you feel about  that?

A. No disagreement with that. Most of our feature films are made on a budget other larger film companies spend on lunch per day for their cast and crew. If you don't have large budgets, just zero ones, your films will be limited in potential and production values. But we hope our kind of stories somewhat makes up for that.

Q. I subscribed, but I am having trouble cancelling. What do I do?

A. vimeo.com manage all financial issues for watching opur films and our subscribers. Use their contact form and tell them your issue. If that does not fix it, write to us using our contact page.