Registered Office, Ltd
Frilford Mead
Kingston Road
OX13 5NX

   A Socially Entrepreneurial Ethical Company 

Onview .net Ltd is a Small Independent Publishing Company and Creative Entity


 Ltd is a UK based company established in 1999 to protect the interests of socially inspired artists, scientists, and creative people. It exists today to protect the copyright of books, films, and web sites enabled by its presence. It maintains help with licensing and use of those resources, and acts as a first point of contact to third parties. We do not maintain a self-presence. Our work is out there. It is primarily a not-for-profit business and organises itself as a company entity to facilitate its aims professionally under UK laws. We have enabled the production of feature films, books, artworks, and science magazines and web sites. Our aims are socially inspired. A few things we have helped create: A well known Science site. A Feature Film.  We have helped in many areas of endeavour with know-how and skills rather than direct non-financial support, which we have only meagre means.

We are almost entirely mostly invisible because our work is  about supporting new and non-corporate business, non-mainstream endeavours. Any  income is immediately re-used to cover costs and to initiate new minor projects. We do not support investment strategies, the concept of advantage, profit, or gain. We simply attempt to empower and enable individuals to explore their creative journeys in our small way. Thanks for stopping by.
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